Call to action on the website, a strategy to get new customers

Today, ecommerce has great strength to attract new customers, as geographical barriers are eliminated in order to offer and distribute products and services worldwide.

However, in order to turn the users who visit the web into business opportunities for the company, it is necessary to carry out web marketing strategies, which allow to attract consumers to carry out an action previously designed by the company. One of the most effective strategies is to use call to action (CTA) or also called “call to action” buttons.

Call to action, web-marketing strategy

The CTA button as a web marketing strategy

The CTA buttons are those links that are inserted on the website taking the user to another page or to a destination previously designed by the company, what could generate a lead, a business opportunity or, in short, a sale.

The objective of using these buttons is to guide the user to carry out an action that the company wants through a click such as place the item in the shopping cart, fill out a contact form, download a document, etc.

For marketing, using these buttons means getting results from the content and design of the website. At a time when competitiveness on the Internet is higly increasing, a button can be crucial for a user’s decision.

The development of a CTA strategy is defined by a previous investigation of the target audience, who the specific customers are, how they think, what their interests are, etc.


Also, the call to action buttons must be well defined according to:



  • The objective. What do you want to achieve with a user’s visit to the website will define where and to what end the call to action will lead. Roughly speaking, if the objective is to generate a purchase, right at the product there will be a “Buy” button; if the objective is for the user to contact the company, there will be a “click to speak” button that will continuously follow the user, or visible “Do you want a demo? Contact us!” buttons.


  • Web design. Once the objectives have been established, the design of the website will be aimed at placing these buttons in strategic places, so the user will want to continue browsing and clicking on them.


  • Copywriting. A good writing will make the difference from a good or bad CTA strategy the copywriter will be in charge of capturing the user’s attention through the text of the button, with short but effective phrases. This factor will also affect the CTR (click rate).


Why insert CTA on a website?

As a marketing strategy, the CTA presents great benefits for the company. Among them, it stands out:


  • Improve the sales funnel

CTA buttons enhance the sales funnel. They help turn the visitors of a website into potential customers. In other words, these buttons encourage the user to make a decision that can lead to a sale for the company.

  • Facilitate navigation

If the navigation on the website is easy and the risk of confusion is smaller, bigger are chances to turn the user into a customer.

  • Navigate the user to what they are looking for and what the company wants

Improving the user experience should be a priority for any company, always taking into account what the objectives of the company itself are to carry out.

  • Facilitate contact between the user and the company

In many occasions, the CTA buttons lead the user to contact the company or to provide certain information to be contacted by the company. It is important to take into account that sometimes the CTA does not only involve the user, but also the company to perform an action. For example, on many occasions the CTA buttons that lead to a form being filled in or certain customer information being entered, it means that the company will contact the customer later through its call centre, creating a more extensive commercial relationship.

Call to action-online marketing strategy

Every action carried out on the website can lead user to leave the page or gain her or his interest. An online business that wants to increase its income and improve the user’s experience, must promote CTAs, among other on-site strategies. An online business that wants to increase its income and improve the user’s experience, must promote CTAs, among other on site strategies.


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